Flight Companion by Match Box Aeronautical Systems

The Flight Companion by Match Box Aeronautical Systems is a state of the art headset adapter designed by pilots for pilots.  Now you can finally have your cell phone or auxiallary audio input direct to your headset while adding additional safety features such as an Altitude Minder, and Fuel Tank Minder all in one convient unit with both visual and audio warnings sent direct to your headset.



         Features Include:

                    Cell Phone Input

                    Aux. Audio Input

                    Altitude Alert

                    Tank Timer

                    Ease of Operation









"The cell phone adapter works great for me.  I fly out of an uncontrolled airport, and now find I can easily taxi into position, call for my IFR clearance and I'm ready to roll as soon as I hang up." 


Cell phone adapter allows cell phone or auxialliary audio input via a standard 1/8" connector, auxilliary audio source automatically adjusts to provide priority to ATC communications and radio calls. 

Altitude Alert provides a simple and easy to use method of reminding us if we inadvertantly stray off of our assigned altitude.  Simply push the SET button once you reach your altitude and the Flight Companion does the rest with both visual and aural alarms when you are 100 feet high or low of yur set altitude.  One button standby operation as well for intended deviations.

Tank Timer provides both visual and aural cues to remind you to switch tanks from left to right.  Can be left off if when flying on Both tanks, or in an aircraft that does not require switching of tanks.

Flight Companion by Match Box Aeronautical Systems
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Price $299.00